the BOX

Beware the Box Folk challenges current societal norms and questions where the real solutions lie in a world that constantly suggests progress is coming and yet never seems to arrive. Through a surrealist lens, political conspiracy, capitalism, homelessness, and fundamental human intention is investigated.

Welcome to Our debut Film.

Years of dedication culminate on the big screen this year with the release of our debut film.  This project is a labor of love for directors Brendan Pyron and Nathan S. Hall, a passion project that they've poured their hearts and souls into for years.  Get ready to experience their vision come to life.

The Trailer
The Project


Founded in 2022, Unoriginal Films is a breath of fresh air in the film industry.  This fledgling production company, the brainchild of passionate filmmakers, aims to bring unique stories to the silver screen.  Despite the company's name, Unoriginal promises anything but derivative features, focusing instead on innovative storytelling and captivating audiences with fresh narratives.  Keep an eye on Unoriginal Films – they're poised to make a big splash in the world of cinema.


A renegade reporter uncovers a cardboard-laced conspiracy while pursuing a deadly political scandal connected to the local sanitation strike.


Notable talent includes Joe Chrest (Killers of the Flower Moon, Stranger Things), Joe Reynolds (Bernie, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Matt Story (Blood Country, NCIS New Orleans), Joe Carleton (Barter Theatre), and Chase Bernard (Ziggy and the Junkyard Band)

Budget & Financing

Production was completed and all expenditures made within a budget of $150,000. Perceived value of grants and locations utilized adds up to $750,000 total production value of project.